Sunday, March 27, 2011

Orlando Regional

I was able to attend the Orlando Regional on Friday. Since this was my fourth regional I really had preconceived ideas of what to expect when I signed up almost two months ago. Boy was I wrong. First, Michele one of my downlines was asked to present on stage which is a huge honor. Since there were only three presenters on Friday evening which was a shortened version of the all day regional on Saturday. Those attending on Friday evening were treated to a fun four hours full of information in a very personal setting. You see, there were only 66 who attended. So the Stampin'Up staff was able to mingle among all of us. Conversations were able to take place with them to learn more about their jobs and family. And the owner of Stampin'Up, Shelli Gardner came to each of our tables for conversation and photo opportunities. So the attached photo is my first with Shelli after five conventions and four regionals. What I always felt, heard and saw about Shelli was her warmth but standing beside her her persona is amazing. I've loved Stampin'Up from the day I joined as a demonstrator over five years ago. Shelli really does care about each and everyone one of us whether we are a hobbyist or as a business demonstrator adding income to our family household. Joining the group of demonstrators could not be easier than right now. There is a 15% discount until March 31st off the demonstrator stater kit plus other perks. Just give me a shout and I'll give you all the details on how.

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