Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy Holidays !

I have not taken care of my BLOG this year as I had hoped.  Commitments and my health has made my time much shorter to keep up with everything.  In fact, this year I took my downlines out to dinner.  To be honest, I haven't had the energy to cook.  It was a great choice because the ones who could attend seemed to enjoy the idea.  Some brought gifts for the others which was not at all expected or necessary.  I want to share the talent that my downlines have.  The couple of items I took photos of show you the talents my friends have.

The Carousel Box had salt water taffy inside.
 The carousel horse stamp is in the NEW Occasion Catalog
which you can purchase beginning January 4, 2017.  

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Donna Ellis said...

How adorable! And what a great gift idea! I love that your friend made this, and that you photographed it. Wouldn't it be a darling Easter Goodie "basket" idea? I hope you are feeling improved, Barb, and that the New Year means new opportunities for your health, and new beginnings for you creatively. hugs, de